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Free Endpoint

Simulate the DeepL iOS client to initiate translation requests. Unlimited, but frequent requests within a certain period of time will result in a 429 error.


Method: POST

Request Headers

Content-TypeThe content type of the request body.application/json
AuthorizationThe access token to protect your API.Bearer your_access_token

Please note that if you are unable to pass Authorization, you can also use URL Params instead. For example, /translate?token=your_access_token

Request Parameters

textstringThe text you want to translate.true
source_langstringThe language code of the source text.true
target_langstringThe language code you want to translate to.true


  "alternatives": [
    "Did you hear about this?",
    "You've heard about this?",
    "You've heard of this?"
  "code": 200,
  "data": "Have you heard about this?",
  "id": 8356681003,
  "method": "Free",
  "source_lang": "ZH",
  "target_lang": "EN"

Released under the MIT License.